I’m Making Tequila Happen

Long story short, I’m a tequila drinker now. Here’s my story (lol).

Tequila is defined as a distilled liquor that is made from the fermented juices of the Weber blue agave plant.  My infatuation with it began when I started getting really bad hangovers after only a couple of drinks and realized after being my drink of choice for years, my body no longer wanted vodka based coolers or wine. Although I’ll always appreciate and enjoy wine, I’m done with the vodka water/soda coolers we all know and love(ed).

The number one thing I’ve heard from tequila lovers is that they don’t get hungover, or at least experience more manageable ones compared to when they drink other alcohol. According to the New York Daily New’s article, 7 Ways Tequila Is Good For You, “Blanco tequila varieties don’t contain sugary syrups and aren’t aged in wood; therefore, they don’t contain congeners – the chemical impurities that are rough on your system and exacerbate hangovers. Tequila is the go-to choice of celiac sufferers and the gluten-obsessed. When tequila is made from the blue agave plant, which most classy brands are (think 1800, Patron and Don Julio), it avoids the wheat problem that keeps people with an aversion to gluten from indulging in other liquors.” A lot of theories also argue that tequila is an “upper” or stimulant compared to other alcohol which are classified as depressants. Although tequila is ethanol, which is a depressant, some believe it gives off a more fun and energetic “vibe”. Or maybe its a total placebo, which honestly, I’ll lean in to.

I decided to do some research and try to make tequila happen. Here’s what I learned:

  • Blanco is best – it’s the cleanest and purest type of tequila + has a low sugar count
  • Don’t cheap out- good quality tequila tastes better and should last a while (my go to mid price range tequila is Casamigos Tequila Blanco, $74)
  • Lime juice is your best friend- whether you’re doing a shot or making a mixed drink, fresh lime juice cuts the alcohol taste and allows you to actually enjoy the taste of the tequila. I recently discovered that Clamato juice is an excellent chase as well!

I love a margarita but I don’t love drinking my calories with artificial flavours and sweetened mixes. So, I always ask for a skinny spicy marg with no salt rim (personal preference) when I’m out, which is a regular marg without orange-liqueur like triple sec, Cointreau or Grand-Marnier. When I’m making my own, I’m obsessed with spiking this hydrating refreshing lime water mixture that my Pilates instructor drinks.

During a pilates workshop that Dee aka @pilates.strong.mom was teaching someone asked her what was in her oversized mason jar she’d been sipping on all weekend. It’s alkaline water (or regular), lime juice, a drop of agave or honey, and a tiny pinch of sea salt. I tried it and wow it was delicious and got me excited to drink my water. Fast forward to present day me on a mission to make tequila happen while still committing to not going crazy with the excess sugar and liquors that are often associated with margaritas. I had the idea that changed the whole game for me -Spike @pilates.strong.mom’s lime water!!

Here’s why this cocktail recipe is genius:

  1. Low calorie, low sugar
  2. Hydration. This cocktail is 90% water, adding in alkaline water instead of regular water helps minimize potential hangovers by keeping the body more hydrated and balanced
  3. The lime juice and sea salt combo works together to fight inflammation, increase immune function, and detox the body, while still tasting like a classic margarita

Here’s how to make it:

Hot Tip: I personally like my drink in a “tall glass” aka generous water to alcohol ratio, which helps keep me hydrated and ultimately less hungover/wild.

1 ounce blanco tequila

6 ounces alkaline water

2 ounces fresh lime juice (or lime kombucha is so bomb)

A pinch of sea salt

1 teaspoon agave


Optional add fresh or juiced jalapeño to make it spicy

Although I’m definitely still in the honeymoon stage with tequila and have been raving to all my friends/anyone who will listen about my new found love, the most important thing that I’ve learned throughout this journey is that alcohol should be enjoyed with respect and thoughtfulness. Good feelings and things don’t happen when alcohol is consumed excessively, so drink mindfully and safety bbs xo