Guava & Gin Refresher

For March’s #cocktailofthemonth I wanted something to get us excited for spring (thus the edible flowers) but also something that had minimal low cal ingredients. This vacation inspired drink is not only ascetically pleasing and delicious, but the limeade mixture keeps you hydrated while you get tipsy.

Although I know he was not the first to invent vodka waters, my bf Brayden did introduce it to our household. I don’t take shots. I’ll fake it or I’ll refuse, but I won’t do it. It’s inhumane in my opinion. So when I first tasted his perfectly mixed water, vodka, and lime juice drink, I was shocked that I wasn’t able to taste the alcohol. It became our drink of choice when we realized we weren’t waking up dry or hungover after drinking them. I was recently reminded on the Spirit, Purpose, & Energy Podcast that we need to double or triple our water intake when consuming alcohol because not only do we forget to drink water but the alcohol itself dehydrates us.

With his lime water mix in mind, I created the Guava & Gin Refresher for a hydrating tropical cocktail that is pretty and easy to serve. It can even be made into a punch bowl.

Ingredients (makes 1)

2 ounces gin (can substitute vodka or tequila)

4 ounces 100% guava juice

2-6 ounces lime water to taste (half lime, half water) I like to prep this in a separate glass so refills are easy

Garnish with edible flowers, passion fruit, or mint leaves

Serve over ice