Birth Control Is Not a One Size Fits All with Reya Health founder Dallas Barnes

Hi, FSC Community! Sarah (@sarahlcassidyy) here, jumping on as a guest writer on the blog. I am so excited to have been a part of the FSC community for the past year and I am thrilled to be able to contribute my thoughts on such an amazing platform! Women’s health, inclusive healthcare, and reproductive rights […]

Pelvic Floor Health with Dee

Today we are learning all about Pelvic Floor Health. I first heard of the pelvic floor when I began studying Pilates and was surprised to find out that a healthy PF enhances your core stability and your sex life! One of the biggest takeaways from the certification process was the importance of connecting to and […]

Hormone Friendly Hot Chocolate

Tis the season for cuddles, presents, and chocolate! Except this year, we aren’t sacrificing our hormones in the process. I first heard about the effects of sugary holiday drinks on your hormones from @keepupwithliv and decided to do some more research on it. Here’s what I found out- refined and artificial sweeteners and additive laden […]

My Supplements

When it comes to our personal health and wellness, every person is different. Genetics, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, age, stress, and habits all play a role.   What I think we all share in common is the desire to feel our best.   For me that means sticking to (most of the time!) daily exercise, eating […]

Toronto Gift Guide

This year I’m committing to shopping 100% local for the Holidays. Thankfully, I live in a city (Toronto) with endless, perfectly curated shops. I know we all talk about how convenient online shopping is but I think we have forgotten how FUN it is to pick things out in person -not to mention that a […]

My Fav Workout Clothes

It’s no secret I live in yoga pants. Comfort always comes first but I still believe that style should be a close second. That’s why I try to find cute athleisure sets that transition with me from filming on my mat, to going to the grocery store, to drinks on a patio. I’ve been getting […]

Three Letters, SPF

My message here is simple, as Lauryn Evarts of @theskinnyconfidential puts it: “Get The Fu*k Out of the Sun”. Well, she actually titled her newest book exactly that. Her book is all about skin and is filled with dermatologists, beauty gurus, and skin care experts all stressing the importance of SPF and sun protection.  Sun […]

I’m Making Tequila Happen

Long story short, I’m a tequila drinker now. Here’s my story (lol). Tequila is defined as a distilled liquor that is made from the fermented juices of the Weber blue agave plant.  My infatuation with it began when I started getting really bad hangovers after only a couple of drinks and realized after being my […]

Collagen, Cleanses, and Broth with Ripe Nutrition

Okay guys, if you follow me on insta you know I’ve been obsessed with Ripe Nutrition for about 2 years now. They are a wellness brand that uses holistic nutrition to create the most amazing Superfood Beauty Broths (and so much more, like their “Spicy Pina” Superfood Freezies!!).  My love for this brand began when […]

Summer Reading List ’21

One of my favourite self care practices is reading. I love the screen free escape is provides, especially in the summer. Below is my ultimate summer reading list/ book recommendations for you. The list includes my favourite novels of all time as well as some of my trusted friends’ number 1 picks. I hope you […]